The people of the kingdom knew they could trust the Empress with styling all of their celebrations. From Baby Showers to Birthdays, Christenings and Baptisms to Engagements, Weddings and everything in between. The people of the kingdom were bursting with excitement to share their news of such upcoming events. They eagerly awaited discussing their news, ideas and plans with the Empress. After contacting the Christina C Events castle via the Enquiry Form, they made a mutually beneficial time. They were destined to meet over a freshly brewed cup of tea, coffee and a slice of the finest cake. They soon found a shared happiness that was evident through laughter, endless conversation and idea generation. The Empress ventured back to the Christina C Events castle, to develop a custom quotation to reflect the celebration in true style. Together, they conversed until the day came in which the Empress created the most amazing event space, flowers and styling in all of the land.