Once upon a time, but not so long ago in an ordinary life, lived an ordinary girl confined in the dungeon of a castle. The ordinary girl, had a not so ordinary artistic talent, a keen eye for detail & a partial case of OCD. The ordinary girl, was enchanted with creating memorable events through design, styling and floristry. She began helping young damsels in distress to create their own dream events, styling their towers in all her finery. She realised she had stumbled on a magic potion and her passion for floristry soon became spellbinding.

In 2015, she styled a Grand Ball for a beautiful princess within the kingdom. This ignited a fire in her belly and a desire to pursue her love of flowers and her passion for styling. In the years to follow, this ordinary girl took on an extraordinary mission – to teach herself the art of floristry. These years, were the foundation to developing and refining her skills and knowledge of the trade. The ordinary girl, faced a myriad of challenges along the way. The people of the village could sense there was something brewing at the castle. Their collective whispers were echoed around the land. Amidst the growing chaos, she was blessed to meet a Floral Fairy Godmother. With her magic wand and guiding words, she taught her the skills and knowledge for her imminent journey. The ordinary girl was extraordinarily delighted. And so, together with help from the King and Queen, the peasants, craftsman and spinners; a creative studio was born in the very heart of the castle.

On November 11th, 2018, Christina launched Christina C Events.
A Floral | Event Design & Styling Studio, based in the foothills of Adelaide SA.

Her aim was to create Luxury Flowers, Bespoke Weddings and Wondrous Event Styling through her Exclusive Hire Collection. Drawing inspiration from flora and fauna, pop culture, design and architecture in lands near and far. Christina’s visionary floristry and styling concepts evoke a sense of beauty, wonder and amazement to all that encounter her intricate creations.

Christina Caparso | Empress | Creative Director | Founder had realised that she had found her lifelong calling. It was the beginning of a modern day fairy-tale.